Did you know HannaBarbara once rescued a daycare from Disney?

yogibearYesterday I was happy to be on an upcoming Nerdiversity 101 podcast discussing Hanna Barbara. As you wait for it to be posted, I wanted to share a touching story that can be confirmed on Snopes about Hanna Barbara that might make you interested in the company.

Despite being well known for classic cartoons like Yogi Bear the Flintstones and others, or even for more mature efforts like Johnny Quest or Swat Kats, I always associate the Hanna Barbara name with swooping in to save a day care from a threatened law suit from Disney back in 1989.

A day care came under fire when Disney learned they were using unlicensed paintings of Disney characters on their wall. Rather than seeing it as free advertising (which come one, it was going to mentally imbed these kids with the image of Disney characters!) Disney wanted money or the images removed. The big corporate Giant could easily squash the daycare center, as they would later go on to i many lawsuits with other company over the years, but thankfully the law-suit didn’t need to proceed as the images were taken down.

Hanna Barbara swept and foot the bill for a repaint removing the Disney images and giving the day care official artwork of cartoon characters. Granted this did get them some free publicity, and made Disney looks like a cruel corporate giant, I’m sure those were bonuses to Hanna Barbara, but I’m sure the kids and day care workers were thankful.

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