Marvel Universe Professor X review

Time to finally Catch up with my reviews starting with a third in a series of three reviews I started in MARCH!  First up Marvel Universe’s Professor X!

I got in a trade with forum user and CFA owner JJlecaros and since then i have picked up a few extra and love them for parts.

xaiver1the chair and head are new, but the rest are from San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Rise of Cobra Destro.

xaiver2he can see he has Destro’s little diamond molded into his tie, but it’s not too distracting, his massive arched eyebrows might be though !


“Why are you in my house?”


“Oh Crap the crippled old man has more articulation than me!”

Hasbro has unfortunately been cutting down on articulation recently, even going so far as to remold figures to cut it out of future releases (I’m looking at you Wolverine Red Ninja!) While many could probably accept a half articulated Xavier thankfully Hasbro didn’t go that route.  Since they didn’t, this figure because extremely useful as custom fodder as well as serving as a great rendition of the X-men’s founder.

Unfortunately I have to point that similar to my MU Kraven, my first Xavier had some issues with his left leg this time, his knee. It’s so tightly placed together, and the material used to make it so rubbery, that i worry rather than bend it will snap, so i was very careful with this one, thankfully the others i have gotten seem okay.

xaiver5The hover chair pops apart nicely, and looks good from the front, the large black bubble underneath does not. While I prefer a more realistic chair, for all the tech the x-men have and it’s use on the 90’s x-men toon the chair makes sense, the execution how ever isn’t perfect. While it’s got good detail it’s hard to explain that black blob, if they wanted the hover affect they could have gone for a clear stand, or they could have left it pained gold and i would have been okay with that.

xaiver6His undershirt matches his suit jacket which makes the arms work as either suit sleeves or shirt sleeves. It’s a very wise decision that Hasbro couldn’t go with for Destro as they were trying to capture a more accurate movie look.

You can also see from the comparison that X’s skin is darker, I’d prefer it to be more muted, i don’t picture the professor as one who regularly tans.

xaiver7That darker skin tones also clashes with the 25th Xamot and Tamox heads which I’m sure manyJoe fans wanted to just plop on there. The neck ball is also different so that many heads will not fit snuggly onto the ball, but like Xamot here can just set on top of it.

xaiver8The release of this figure finally gets a good articulated suit figure to retail, the last one was this MIB figure but as you can see it’s proportions are a bit off. Some used it for customs, but i only grabbed one for cheap clearance for the head.

wither your an X-men fan or look for a suit in this scale as a customizer, this is a great figure, but unfortunately it can be very hard to find. At one point ebay prices were around 30$ for one! so happy hunting!

As either prof. X or as just as great custom fodder i’d give this guy a 9/10