I Am Elemental, Girl Friendly Action Figure Kickstarter (36 Hours Left!)

5by5nThe folks being the I Am Elemental have a very specific goal in mind. They want to get more little girl friendly action figures to the market. Their campaign has already been fully funded but if you haven’t heard of them you may wish to check them out. There Kick starter is located HERE.  

For even more information check out the creator’s interview on the Moderately Geeky Podcast HERE.


If I had a daughter, I think this would be an easy pick up. It’s a crowded landscape for the kickstarter action figure world at the moment, but even so these stand to me, and I’m not the target audience. While not reaching G.I.Joe or Marvel Universe levels of articulation, they have serviceable joints, and a unique look.  Looking forward to seeing some reviews hit the web once these are shipped (and if you would like to one for us let me know)


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