Jungle Camo Snake-Eyes

newjoelogoclearbackgroundfixedLong time Joe fan Dacre Bush noticed something interesting about the art first used as a poster at New York Toy Fair, and now used on the back of the G.I.Joe Classified series packaging.  Take a look at Snake-Eyes, notice anything different about him?


The art did change from the original poster to the packaging backing, but only slightly.  Gung-Ho seems to have lost his undershirt, and many fans rejoiced about that. Neither SE seems to show a red dot like the wave 1 figure will above his visor, but interestingly it appears that this SE, is actually dark green with black camo. The head appears black still, but the body definitely seems to be a different shade. I’ll admit it may be just a trick of how the image was captured, but it peaked Dacre’s curiosity, and mine too.

I recreated it below, but didn’t stick with being too close to how the image appeared. I included the head, and it felt wrong not add some brown on the arm guards, knee pads, and shin guards to help show the different detail in the armored bits. Nunchuck, Hit n Run and some Sigma Six designs where in my head while I was at work.


here  he is without camo:junglegreenSEnocamo

To do the coloring, I used the image 2dtoys released here: I’d recommend giving him a follow, and I really enjoy his work.

You might notice I intentionally altered a couple of things, removing some cracks in the armor and the Arashakage logo on the webgear doesn’t have a box around it clearly anymore, as it wasn’t sculpted and I had to copy and paste a shrunken version from the scabbard.

I had intended on doing a sticker sheet version of SE next, and he is still soon up, and I know have this SE with the background removed, but I think I”ll continue to switch between Joe and Action Force, so another Steel Brigade is likely next.

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