Space Steel Brigade Digital Recolor

af-logoI really enjoy making these. Bobby Vala and the sculptor’s he hired really made a wonderful template in the Steel Brigade model. This time I went with what I call the Infinaught  (get it, infinity, naught as in astronaut , but also naught as in not.)



Thanks to Bobby Vala I have  much higher res versions to work with, but I noticed it didn’t have a pistol and holster from the front view, so this time I pulled it from the standard images to put on on int he full geared up mode.

The light blue  strap in the middle of chest armor is meant to mirror Buzz Lightyear’s Star Command logo.  It’s a clear homage, but with differences in the helmet, and sculpt, I think it’s distinctive enough that if Bobby were to do something like this, it wouldn’t be an issue with Disney, hence I left out buttons and the lightyear name badge and star command logos. To be clear, I’m just doing these for fun, but I wanted it to be believable/doable and Bobby has 100% permission to reuse any of my recolors in anyway he wants if he wants. Me ? I’m just day dreaming, and hoping to inspire some physical customs and more sales.

Here is with his gear off:


I have to think our FB’s page resident crap poster and my go to fb group admin Jonsey for helping me make some color choices on where to place the red on the weapons, and his visor color.

Here are some early wip in progress shots:



I tried the red on the knife to make it too sci-fi, but I agree with Jonesy , it ended up being a bit much.

and in case you wanted buttons:


I ended up not liking the buttons myself, and like I said earlier, I think they cross the line of homage into something closer to infringement.

and finally a close up shot:


Thanks for looking.

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