G.I.Joe’s Breaker had a marvel accurate head? Check it out w/ the Nerdrahtio Podcast Crew

11798334_10207624784324809_276587581_nSam, Tom, Drew, and a certain noted author chat w/ Jonathan Robinson, as he talks about his ebay find of an alternate (marvel accurate) Breaker head, that was set to be released in 1984.  To listen you can click the player below, or search for Nerdrahtio on Itunes or Stitcher.  Be sure to keep scrolling for pics.


breakerfullcardqoute from Gary


We also reference a Major Bludd sketch where is a half woman/crossdresser?   Want to see it? You can in Dan K’s book, Get it HERE:

You can see the more “Sci-fi” Breaker helmet here. Be warned however that it links to a podcast I was formerly with, and has since has had continued issues, and the audio link may not work.


Here are some addition images and comments that came from the G.I.Joe Discussion group on Facebook.

Provided by Dan K12645076_1201460893200616_8703642128087200989_nbreakercommments1



Next two images provided by Dan K.  Seriously, go grab a copy of his book if you haven’t. 12492033_1196881923658513_1500315758816250629_o


2 thoughts on “G.I.Joe’s Breaker had a marvel accurate head? Check it out w/ the Nerdrahtio Podcast Crew

  1. If you look close at that science-fictiony original Breaker helmet concept, it looks just like Dee-Jay’s. Also, the original Flash uniform looks very much like Sci-Fi’s.

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