G.I.Joe’s Breaker had a marvel accurate head? Check it out w/ the Nerdrahtio Podcast Crew

11798334_10207624784324809_276587581_nSam, Tom, Drew, and a certain noted author chat w/ Jonathan Robinson, as he talks about his ebay find of an alternate (marvel accurate) Breaker head, that was set to be released in 1984.  To listen you can click the player below, or search for Nerdrahtio on Itunes or Stitcher.  Be sure to keep scrolling for pics.


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TLS Snake-Eyes, 83 sticker style digibash.


(Slightly updated) Here is an image from a 1983 Sticker sheet which  fans have theorized contained an early or original design for Snake-Eyes. Further discussion has revealed slightly conflicting information in the Joe discussion group, it sounds like he was always intended to come in black but grey highlights may have been cut or may not have depending on who you ask. This black look was a nod to the S.A.S. and does appear to be have been planned. Thus despite fan theory (and one I believed until recently, and I even discussed with Gary Head on the old nerdversity 101 podcast) it appears this should more accurately be called “Sticker” Snake-Eyes instead of “concept” Snake-Eyes, especially if we use concept in the exact same way as we do with blowtorch, although broadly it could be called the sticker company’s concept for a design of SE, but it’s definitely not the original.

Those who stopped by the Declassified panel at Coil Con saw my copy of the sticker sheet (which has some other cool gems on it too)

Beneath is my recreation of the color scheme using Joe Allard’s designs for the The Loyal Subjects Snake-Eyes. I choose to keep the grey as the sticker had but toned it down. The ungloved hands are from the upcoming Dusty. Expect the real figures in November and check out the full gallery of them HERE.

And we recently did a full podcast interview with the designer Joe Allard you can listen to HERE.


I am not thrilled with the camo, but this was my first time doing it, learned a lot along the way and I think It will turn out better next time.

Let the TLS Crew know if you like it HERE  and Jonathan and crew already have my blessing to use it, they just need to make sure I can get one haha! I think it would go nicely with my concept art blowtorch (See HERE)

For comparison sake:

Still one more cool TLS related thing coming up in the next few days. Keep your eyes out and be sure to follow us on twitter/ and like on fb so you don’t miss out.

Son of Kwinn custom, based off of the art released by Sam Wells, is COMPLETE!

blueboardN Joe Customs Critique Facebook User, Felix Stratton created the first custom that I was aware off based on the Sam Wells released concept art that showed up right here at Nerdrahtio.  I already showed his work (with permission) but here are some now complete images. (he did beat the mobster to completion as far as I know, I’m just behind doing podcast, and other background site stuff when I do get free time -Sam)

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Nerdrahtio interviews Sam Wells, former DDP Staff and G.I.Joe Writer

gijoe-sm-brazil_00_00_1179514102Join  Sam (Sears) and Aaron as they chat with Sam Wells. Sam lived a dream. In this interview we discuss his internship at Devils Due Publishing and how this G.I.Joe fan ended up writing a Special Missions Brazil story inspired by the original figures. We also discuss his other work within the company including touching on his work with the filecards and the DDP era of G.I.Joe in general

If you active in the G.I.Joe Group Discussion, or the community, you may know Sam Wells as Queelock, or as Toy De Jour. He also recently made some news by sharing some concept art (shown below)

It’s a short one, but a good one, and hope to have Sam back soon (to talk about the concept art and more) you can listen to the episode  embedded below or use the drop down menu above to navigate to Itunes on Stitcher to subscribe for easy mobile listening.

Sam Wells is currently running a toy store in Chicago called Toy De Jour, give him  a like on facebook,  or visit his store’s site to see what he is up to.


None of the four shown above were released. These appear to be from the JVC/Spytroops/VVV era. Son of Kwinn would eventually become Ghost Bear in VVV and look completely different. Serpentor’s design shares the design of the Spytroops Shipwreck disguise, and in the lower right you can see DTC Scrap Iron and the disguise gear for Burnout, the new Dreadnok from that era.

Personally I love this look for all 4 shown.

and look forward to having Sam back to explain them. -Sam (Sears)

(Note this post was updated with the current audio host’s listing. Aaron left, and he and I have no affiliation with each other any longer, and we have rebranded as Nerdrahtio but have mutual use of our past podcast work together.)


Creating G.I.Joe: A Real American hero, a facebook page and project you should follow!

08_CobraCommanderI’m a big fan of the folks at joedeclassified.com and all kinds of behind the scenes  material. A new project has emerged on the facebook site creating G.I.Joe: a Real American Hero that has simliar behind the scenes images and stories. The Author hopes to turn into a book, check it out and like the page to show your support. -revsears

BRAND NEW unproduced G.I.Joe/Jurassic Park figure hits ebay.

08_CobraCommanderA new auction is up for a new canceled JP/G.I.Joe figure, we have talked about them before here on Toy Nation. Here is hoping he becomes common.  This new figure has the head of Big Bad Toy Store exclusive Burnout and the body of a resolute cobra trooper in green. IMO the head is too big for the body, but that body would make a nice base for a Jungle Viper.  The Last Jp figure on ebay went for over $300.00, so for those of you bidding, sorry for spreading the word and potential competition ! You can see them on ebay here, or here and  Pics are mirrored below.  As always, hit up our forums for discussion.   -revsears


Unproduced Jurassic Park G.I.Joe closes out on ebay for $360.99!

gi-joe-the-rise-of-cobra-logoSome lucky collector has a unique piece to show off. The Ebay auction ended for a large amount and for the buyer’s sake i hope it stays rare.  While the newest JP figure (first picture below) appears to very rare, and only previously seen with a G.I.Joe collectors club Adventure team head, one of the early figures (Bottom picture) initially was rare but can be bought for 10.00 or less, (which I did myself)

25th Xamot/Tamox arms, gung-HO torso,vest and legs, and a BBTS exclusive Red Dog head.

25th Xamot/Tamox arms, gung-HO torso,vest and legs, and a BBTS exclusive Red Dog head.

Resolute roadblock body and parts, with a resolute Duke head. I own this figure and he is excellent.

Resolute roadblock body and parts, with a resolute Duke head. I own this figure and he is excellent.

with the recent announcement of a new JP movie, i’m still hoping for some form of this line to finally retail. (I talked about that here)

Discuss it on our forums.