Write for us!

Wither your interested in posting up a review or something small from time to time, helping with original images, or seeking the grueling task of keeping up with posting news for a specific brand, property, or genre, Nerdrahtio is looking for you!

if your interested please let us know via nerdrahtio@gmail.com


For this interested in  writing…

All our posts are made via wordpress.com a very simple to use text based hosting site. There are a few guidelines to writing for our site, but we appreciate diversity and these rules are few.  If you are interested but are not familiar with wordpress I will be happy to assist you in learning, but wordpress has some amazing tutorials of it’s own.   Any interested will have to sign up for a wordpress.com account as well.

1. Keep it pg-pg 13. Minimize language use as much as possible, we want this site to remain accessible for all

2. After two images or 3 Paragraphs of text, please select the “click to see more”button on the dashboard of the article publisher. This sounds complex, but I’ll be happy to tell you how as it’s literally one quick click.

3.please use spell check, we are all guilty of letting errors slip through, for me if I post them via mobile I let something slip in almost every time, but an effort is needed. Both Me and Tom retain can and will assist with editing for grammar, spelling etc.

4.Use at least one image.

This helps with sharing on  social media.

5. Tell your friends!

You will be the best way to get your article read.

6. You retain what you write to use in the future, or share where you want.

The Nerdrathio name and logo are owned, copyrighted and trademarked by Sam B. Sears (Me) but if you write an article you are welcome to take down at any point in the future, or share it on another site. In other words the content you produce by yourself, is yours for the website. Audio and Video content is shared between those of us  who took part in it, and can be linked to our sampled elsewhere but is to remain hosted here (because we can’t easily carve it up right ?)


No minimum requirement for posts, you can upload images, you can access others images that are already uploaded, you can edit your own posts. Questions, or interested? let me know @ nerdrahtio@gmail.com

When you contact me I will ask about your previous experience, none is necessary but I’d like to get know you. References, or being active on the board or our facebook group is a great help.

Specific writing needs for those desiring to post news on a specific topic regularly.

Video Games, Movies, DC, Marvel, MOTUC, and Skylanders are major concerns at the moment, let me know if you there is something else you want to post regularly on. Again, no minimum is required, but I would like to see some take on the role of managing one main property, like I try to do with G.I.Joe. -Sam