Minecraft Monday: Zelda Craft Ocarina of Time

creeperrburstinThis week on Minecraft Monday we are sharing this excellent Zelda themed video! Zelda is a fav of mine, and seeing it mixed with Minecraft is always wonderful. For a long while I had hoped that Minecraft would make it’s way to the Wii U so we could get official skins and maps, but with the recent Microsoft purchase of Mojang, I have no hope we could see such a thing now.

Explaining Plato with 8-bit NES graphics.

130px-Link_LOZ_with_itemsPlato’s allegory of the Cave is one of the basic areas of study for philosophy. It’s something helpful to learn, and now you can do it a cool way.  Thug notes and 8 bit philosophy have begun a new series starting with the one below and after finding it I just had to share. Who wouldn’t want to learn serious philosophy through the Lens of NES Graphics and the likes of Link from Zelda?  See below and give them a like, and maybe even subscribe if your so inclined. -Sam