Paul Fieg to Direct female focused Ghostbusters Reboot (PLEASE NO!)

ghostbusterslogoHollywood Reporter and other places are saying Paul Fieg (known for his direction of “chick flicks”) is being tapped to direct a female Ghostbusters movie. Reports are conflicted as to if this would be a sequel of sorts or a reboot, it appears reboot is the correct answer.

I think it’s safe to say only one thing can be done:

runaway2(How’s that for hard hitting journalism?)

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Railbusters: A Ghostbusters Movie Recreation inside Minecraft, on a roller a coaster !

creeperrburstinToday we are kicking off our first, “Minecraft Monday” with hopes to continue to link excellent Minecraft works of art, or to share trivia or articles based on Minecraft, obviously on Mondays.   First up is this amazing recreation of Ghostbusters you see linked below. It’s a flat out work of art, and had to have taken an engineering genius to pull off. After you check it out, give it a like, and check out some of the channel’s other videos. -revsears

Super Mario Busters

ghostbusterstrophyA very cool mash up video has recently hit youtube. It retells the story of the first Ghostbusters story using Mario and his crew with a special guest from another Nintendo franchise.   The animation looks professional, and the music mixing is astounding.  It’s embedded below, give it a look.

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New Ghostbusters game for iOS released


A new free game has been released for iOS .Ghostbusters by beeline interactive is free to play, but features power ups etc. that you can purchase, which is a common them among PC and mobile gaming these days.

It takes place after the Ghostbusters video game, but the story begins with a twist on the first few minutes of the Ghostbusters movie. A character returns in this game we haven’t seen since the first movie, and although i’m in the beginning stages i’m interested to see how the story plays out.

The game play is simplistic, you have a party of ghostbusters, including new recruits, and each ghostbuster is given a class, like scientist, or heavy which have different abilities such as launching slime, or causing more damage.  These classes are differentiated by different colored uniforms, but unlike the real ghostbusters these are pleasantly muted in color (light grey, grey, brown)

If your the first to beat the game and want to write a review let me know, I’d be happy to front page it.

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