G.I.Joe Battleground iOS game review

5by5nG.I.Joe Battleground has been out for sometime now and most of the discussion has settled. Love it or Hate it, it’s there and it’s free.

My review was mostly completed shortly after it’s release but i held off hoping that more updates (that have happened) would change my views, they simply did not.


Hasbro owns Wizards of the Coast, the folks who make Magic the Gathering, I can’t help but point that out.  Similar to how i did in my review of the other Mobage/hasbro Game: Transformers Legends,  I long for that level of a complexity and strategy. Digital games can even go beyond that because those cards could have three or more sides of images, if they wanted to! Continue reading

A piece of gaming news E3 overshadowed, PVZ2, and some commentary!

nerdnationminilogoPlants Vs. Zombies is, in my opinion, the best original game ever released for IOS. Angry Birds may get a lot of level, but it doesn’t have the depth, the strategy, or… the brains that PVZ does.  Popcap is back with a real sequel. Sure we know about the xbox exclusive shooter Garden warfare, and even the new facebook game, but the true sequel was announced just before E3

Beyond that there are some clues that  youtuber xXadanfimeXx has pulled from the trailer.

“Roses are Red

Snow peas are blue

Zombies are Green

and They are coming for you!”

(From the video above)

Everyone can get excited about super expensive new consoles, me, I’m looking forwarding to this, and ducktales to hold me over.

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Transformers IOS Legends review

Transformers Legends is powered by Mobage Games and is a card based rpg for mobile formats.

Hasbro at least must have been impressed, as they have an upcoming G.I.Joe Game in the works that is sad to be more similar to one of their other games, blood brothers, than the Transformers Legends.


The main portion of the game is collecting cards via opening the space bridge. You can equip the weapon cards and transcan the vehicle and robot modes into single cards boosting their power. You can choose to battle other players or play a mission that involves card battles as well and other scanning and tapping activities.


While scanning a boss of the opposite faction (you may play as either Autobots or Decepticons) may appear and you will need tap their rockets to knock them down, this earns you points that levels you up. Each level has additional rewards such as more energy to spend. Continue reading

New G.I.Joe IOS Game, what can we expect?

5by5nA new G.I.Joe game is game is coming for the IOS, to find out more head HERE , and you’ll want to pre-register to get a rare stormshadow card!
The studio behind the game also has released Transformers Legends for IOS and it can give us some clues about what to expect.

I downloaded the game and am working on a review now, but what I can tell you is that it is mostly card focused, but also includes some click to knock down missiles, and scan to search for items/cards sections and has an extensive card assortment to collect digital. It’s free to play but if you want to have a higher chance at getting better cards or want to level up faster, your going to need to pay.

The card battle itself is not involved, so i wouldn’t expect magic the gathering style combat for the Joe version either, but it involves leveling and combining cards outside of combat, and letting the cards play out on their own, which reminds me just a bit of the G.I.Joe trading card game from the Valor Vs. Venom era.

The game does feature a campaign as well as changes to battle others and i’d expect those modes to carry over in the joe form. The Transformers have two versions of each character than you can scan together (vehicle and bot) for a better card, i don’t know how that could carry forward.

I’m heading out for the weekend, hopefully a more proper review of the Legends game will be up next week, as I’ll be playing it a bit more as I travel.


New Ghostbusters game for iOS released


A new free game has been released for iOS .Ghostbusters by beeline interactive is free to play, but features power ups etc. that you can purchase, which is a common them among PC and mobile gaming these days.

It takes place after the Ghostbusters video game, but the story begins with a twist on the first few minutes of the Ghostbusters movie. A character returns in this game we haven’t seen since the first movie, and although i’m in the beginning stages i’m interested to see how the story plays out.

The game play is simplistic, you have a party of ghostbusters, including new recruits, and each ghostbuster is given a class, like scientist, or heavy which have different abilities such as launching slime, or causing more damage.  These classes are differentiated by different colored uniforms, but unlike the real ghostbusters these are pleasantly muted in color (light grey, grey, brown)

If your the first to beat the game and want to write a review let me know, I’d be happy to front page it.

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