The potential return of the Skeleton Warriors

skeletonwarriorAn officially licensed  resurrection of the mid 90’s  Skeleton Warriors franchise is up for your consideration on Kickstarter. You may remember  the property from the creator of Captain Power, which was made up of a syndicated cartoon for one season, 6 comic issues, and a series of toys.

This kickstarter focuses on the lead bad guy Baron Dark.  The Crew behind this kickstarter have had 3 successful Glyos based action figure kickstarters already.

You can find out more about the project from this interview they did with Moderately Geeky.

I was excited to hear that although  Baron Dark is 5″ (as well as the skeletons, including the glow in the dark ones) that the line is in 4″ scale according to the toon as the skeletons were monstrous. I would prefer the scale be fudged and these be at 4″ but it gives me hope that if successfully 4″ human figures could be possible.

If your interested in picking up the ENTIRE Skeleton Warriors series on DVD it’s really cheap on Amazon.

Again, give their kickstarter a look HERE.

If you would like Skeleton Warriors to be the focus of a future Nerdversity 101 episode, let us know in the comment sessions.