POC Beachead Test Shot that was customized on by Hasbro Employee

If you were at the wonderful Coil Con 6 and stopped by the Joe Declassified booth you already saw this small little piece. I picked it off a freebie pile at the unofficial custom class for Joe Con 2013 in Indy.  Erik Arana and Andrew Franks, now of  Boss Fight, where there and only recently out of Hasbro. They threw out a pile of parts and I grabbed this guy.

I knew right away that I hadn’t seen that torso in that color, and I could place the legs as an ROC SE that came with a rerelease of the Arashakage battle playset and a single resolute trooper arm.

Eventually after neither Pat (not picard) or James Kavanaugh Jr. could ID it  I contacted Erik in hopes of finding out it was a planned repaint or something, but was still thrilled to discover he had just been customizing on it. Hard for some of us to believe, the way prototypes, test shots, etc. are sought after by collectors.

You can see a few more images below or you can go to our facebook album HERE to see them together and while you are there give them some likes!

Have you supported these awesome Boss Fight Studios figures yet ?

Bossfightseries1wave1The guys at Boss Fight are comprised of experienced sculptors from Hasbro, including working on my favorite line, G.I.Joe.  They have plans for a wide range of genres for future figures but have started with a Spartans vs. Gorgons, Greek Myth theme.  The figure sculpts look excellent  and can be easily broken down for customs. Some of the stretch goals look amazing (a skeleton with all new parts, glow in the dark versions, blank customizer friendly  bodies and more)

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