Airtight and Ozone Digibash by way of Valaverse Steel Brigade

I put these up on Facebook and Instagram, some time ago, but in an effort to keep all my work in one place, here are digibbashes of modern 6″ versions of Ozone and Airtight. I used  Action Force’s Steel Briage as a base. You can check out more of Action Force here.

I’ll start with what were actually my second version of each character

some wip in shots:

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G.I.Joe Spanish VHS tape, my foreign “collection”

I don’t have a vast foreign collection, or an eco warriors collection but in honor of the Club announcing the Zombie Hunters concept (that seems tied in with eco warriors)  I thought had share some shots of one of the neatest gifts i have ever been given. A friend of mine when on a trip to mexico somewhere between 2003-2005  (my memory is crappy) well past the heyday of VHS or Joe cartoons in general and brought back this wonderful VHS (Pictured with the same VHS in English that I purchased years before) -revsears

IMG_3598 IMG_3599 IMG_3600