Creepiest Pet Shop is the cutest way to give Cthulhu a much needed pet

gaV-60yM.png large Levi Bushue Has created a card game that is just flat out adorable. The juxtaposition between the our culture’s fav monsters, elder ones, and B-movie gems and the cute art style fits together in a way that both compliment the other. This feels fresh in the way it’s combined, and each art shown so far glows with character.  You can check out his kickstarter HERE.

w/ 5 days to go Levi is super close to his goal. One amazing thing about this is that a portion of the profits go to non kill shelters!  So even a dollar is really worth giving!

I’ve placed a few more pics, along with his release about the set below.

Creepiest Pet Shop is a fast paced, family friendly card game where you help famous horror movie monsters adopt equally monstrous pets! Part of the profits from the game go to help animals in no kill shelters get the care they need until they can find forever homes! The game was designed as an homage to the great horror creature features that I grew up watching as a kid back in the old mom and pop VHS store days.

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Legandary Monsters nearing the end of kickstarter, now with more varients and stretch goals.

chupThe excellent line I told you about HERE  is still on kick starter. Although they are nearing the end. JUST ONE DAY LEFT!   Now they have additional options available including glow in the dark and Retro (more muted brown) colors.  Check them out and give the kickstarter a read too. Lots of info there. Did you know the designer also works on video games, including a recent fav of mine XCOM, and the more famous Fallout 3 and Elder Scrolls Oblivion.

Thanks to Pluv on Joecustoms I learned this was a line that’s been long in the making. He linked this info HERE in a thread about the line on Joecustoms. These were originally planned to be released 2001. I learned that sometime ago and continue to follow it in hopes that this time we will see success!

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Legandary Monsters, a 3 3/4 scale kickestarter announcement

The Legendary creatures

The Legendary creatures

Nevermore toys has announced a new line of the 3 3/4 monster action figures that they hope to fund via Kickstarter. This looks like a great potential line to set along side a G.I.Joe Zombie-viper and have your Joes hunt  them down.


as you can see each monster has a base and a victim, this one is the chupachabra, my fave of the bunch.

Hit up their home page to find out more, or check them out on facebook.

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